Post Punk Kitchen Vegan Brownies - these take a bit of time to fool with the tofu. Strongly suggest adding a tad more oil than the recipe calls for, and, to make it a bit more chocolate-y and a bit less cocoa-y, fold in at the end another 6 oz of semi sweet chocolate chips. These two will mess with your cooking time, but it may be worth it. Try it unadulterated first, see if that works for you.

Chris Kimball's Chocolate Mousse - believe it or not (who would?) I went to school with this guy - recipe as shown was modified by John Dente - the best cook in several clans

Chocaholic Cake+ (also known as Charles and Sandy's Wedding Cake)

EXxtreme Chocolate Millennium overdose cookies - a hit at the Ball's Valentine's Day 2005 Choco-Rama

Pecan Squares - Imagine an extremely large rectangular pecan pie with shortbread for a crust - easy - hit at my sister Lynne's block holiday cookie swap.

Inside-Out Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake - vegan- but you would never know it

Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal cookies - vegan - fool your friends

Vermont Tomato Jam - courtesy of John Dente

Obsidian Stout Brownies - only one cup of sugar, but lots of chocolate