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General Criminal Justice Information


Criminology Sources

From Oxford University Press, sources in criminological theory, including links to specific scholars and studies.

Criminal Justice Megalinks

Lots of links to cj pages at universities, distance software, and more, from Tom O'connor. If you are thinking about cj distance ed, go here.


SOURCEBOOK of Criminal Justice Statistics.

Information on the system, crime, and public opinion. This is the PREMIER compilation of indicators about crime and criminal justice.

151,000 abstracts from the National Criminal Justice Reference Service

Documents, books, reports, and evaluations.  If you are searching for the results of federally funded studies, look here.

 National Institute of Justice

NIJ is the main research organization in the field. You can search for  recent reports  

Bureau of Justice Statistics

BJS reports on crime and criminal justice facts.

What is the sequence of events in the criminal justice system?

The Public Agenda  Crime Facts

The Public Agenda provides facts and opinions from recent surveys to frame debate about issues. Their discussion about crime is  thoughtful, data driven, and with implications for policy

Inter-university Consortium for Social and Political Research

ICPSR is a data archive for large, funded datasets in social and political science

Social Sciences Data Library at Temple University



Sources for famous "crime stories" - makes for good reading, cases seem to be pretty well supported with references at the end of each story. Suggested by Mr. Jody Kirk, a former undergraduate here at Temple. Pretty Graphic in places

Specific Sites For Particular Crimes or Types of Crimes

State Courts National Center on State Courts:
Hate Crime

     Anti-defamation League
      Southern Poverty Law Center
See a map of hate groups in the US. Their "intelligence project" tracks these groups

Campus Crime CAMPUS CRIME. If you are a student, you spend time on campus. Learn about campus crime issues and statistics.
ID Theft Coping with identity theft
Investigating Violent Crime Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation sponsors work on causes of violence


DUI offenders under supervision. Provides data on offenders in jail, in prison, or on probation for driving while intoxicated.The information was gathered from the 1995 Survey of Adults on Probation, the 1996 Survey of Inmates in Local Jails, and the 1997 Survey of Inmates in State and Federal Correctional Facilities. Between 1990 and 1997 the number of arrests for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs decreased 18%, while the number of licensed drivers increased nearly 15%. Includes data sets as well.


BATF Youth Gun Crime Interdiction Initiative
"ATF's Youth Crime Gun Interdiction Initiative (YCGII) has been publishing annual compilations of firearms trace analyses since 1997. Each year, the number of communities involved in the Youth Crime Gun Interdiction Initiative has increased, from the original 17 in 1996 at the Initiative's inception to the 55 communities in the year 2000. With the knowledge contained in the annual reports, each community has formulated sound gun enforcement strategies for proactive use in firearms investigations. " (Stopped in 2000)

DUI and Guns Guns and Drunk Driving WEBLIOGRAPHY:
     Links created by RBT and Todd Anderson but not updated in a while!

Tools Specifically for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Evaluating Web Sources


how to cite references you got from the web

WWW Virtual Library's Evaluation of Information Resources. This is a big list; lots here that looks real interesting.  Alastair Smith's criteria look very good

FromNowOn. FNO is an an educational technology journal, has a page on evaluating web sources. Starts with some definitions, give you links to other thoughts on gauging information.

Questions from librarians at VCU on evaluating sources

General tips on web source searching

ICYouSee Guide to Critical thinking About What you See on the Web

Internet Detective . This is really a tutorial or a short course on how to evaluate web information. You will need to register to access the site. It looks thorough. Brought to my attention by Steve Smith

Pre-law &

Legal Research

Legal research meta-links is EXTREMELY useful is you are researching legal opinions

LAW SCHOOL FINDER Find out what law schools you can get into based on your GPA and your LSAT score

Laws in Pennsylvania

Main List of the Pennsylvania Code

Consolidated statutes for criminal violations. You will find "classes of offenses" under General Provisions. You will find odd-type laws, e.g., about weapons on school grounds, under Inchoate Crimes. Scroll down and you will find definitions for things like murder, assault, abortion and the like (Chapter 23 and down). Also look under Chapter 61 for firearms statutes


Criminal Procedure

Environmental Protection


Generate a random sample of numbers with RANDOMIZER.ORG

State and local government

Listing of all state and local government web sites.

Survey Data Sources

Princeton Survey Center

This contains links to archives of public opinion data; you can download these and do your own analyses, or look at questionnaires, or get survey frequencies.

General Social Survey -  Main

Learn about what Americans have been thinking since 1972.
UNC's Survey Center

Search by words for public opinion poll results; download data sets




American Society of Criminology One of the two main professional organizations serving criminologists and criminal justice scholars

Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. Our second main professional organization in criminal justice.

American Sociological Association

Eastern Sociological Society


Tips Ralph's Rules of Presenting Social Science Papers at Conferences

Ralph's thoughts on putting empirical research papers together for journal submission


Temple University's Department of Criminal Justice

Competencies Undergraduate competencies in Introduction to Criminal Justice




American Society of Criminology One of the two main professional organizations serving criminologists and criminal justice scholars

Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. Our second main professional organization in criminal justice.

American Sociological Association

Eastern Sociological Society

Environmental Justice

Environmental justice, environmental studies, sprawl

General Environment Links

BBC News Series: The Planet Under Pressure Environmental studies at Temple

A general set of environmental links

Access to all EPA data: ENVIROFACTS

You can use ENVIROMAPPER to find out about nearby toxic waste sites or emitters

Environmental Problems (including sprawl) , Problem Maps, Environmental Attitudes

Sprawl and controlled growth links

Compiled by Dr. Rob Mason, Director, Environmental Studies Program, Temple University the Right to Know network

Meuser's maps of environmental problems and more; you can link to MANY mappable databases

A list of PENNSYLVANIA websites for environmental issues can be found on the web page of Greg Vitali (D), state representative for the 166th District

List of environmental sprawl indicators

Environmental Justice, Environmental Crimes

Environmental Justice Links from the South Central Oklahoma Environmental Justice Resource Center

On-line Environment and Environmental Law Journals

Links to environmental justice organizations, compiled by SHANNON MARTIN, a former graduate student in Sociology at Temple University

Comments on Distance Education

Higher education is currently grappling with distance education. It proves to be an extremely complex issue. Many laud the advantages it will bring, many caution against expecting too much from it, and some see in it the demise of higher education and the classroom experience as we know it. David Noble, a historian at York University in Canada is one of the most outspoken critics of distance education. Links to four of his articles appear below.

Digital Diploma Mills, Part I The Automation of Higher Education
Digital Diploma Mills, Part II The Coming Battle Over Online Instruction
DIGITAL DIPLOMA MILLS, PART IV Rehearsal for the Revolution