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US deaths per year associated with firearms (intentional, unintentional, self inflicted)

suicide gun fatality rate in the US

argument: "reduce misuse while preserving value:

household firearm prevalence rate

adult firearm ownership prevalence rate

total firearm stock in the US

individual and ecological correlates of gun ownership and gun ownership rates

hunting or target shooting rationale for ownership

protection rationale for ownership

how is gun ownership rising and falling at the same time


long gun

semiautomatic rifle or pistol

full automatic firearm

handgun sales as percent of all firearm sales

percent murders committed with handguns

1934 National Firearms Act

assault wepon

yearly firearm accidental fatalities

trigger lock

gun safe

RFID smard system pistol


self protection rationale

District of Columbia v. Heller 2008

victim injury rates following self protection during a crime with personal contact

definition of "success" for self-protective method

DGU - defensive gun use (we will get into detailed discussion about controversy around the numbers later; for now, just know what this means) and legitimate DGU

fierarm for home protection: risks and benefits

guns in private hands and general deterrent argument

n of people licensed to concealed carry

state concealed carry prevalence rates

"gun carriers as good citizens" argument

condition yellow

"shall issue" states vs. "may issue" states for concealed carry

Mustard and Lott - more details come later - for now - their basic argument; the basic criticisms

protective value of firearms - understand the idea for now, we will get into the determinants of views later

"bulwark against tyranny" argument

"slippery slope" argument - gun advocates vs. gun control advocates - guns vs. institutions to safeguard liberty


"white hat, black hat" myth

Federal Gun Control Act of 1968

"gray hats"

"availability" hypothesis

prevalence of gun ownership / gun density

panel data

"more guns, more crim" vs. "more guns, more deaths"

gun suicide proglem

Switzerland and gun policies

Israel and gun policies

culture / folkways and cultural explanation for gun violence

"southern effect"

challenges to culture based theories

the media question

copycat crimes

copycat suicide


domestic market for firearms: manufacture, import, export volumes

handgun market share

Saturday night special

Ring of Fire gun manufacturers

impacts of decline of huntng

stand your ground laws

doomesday narratives of social disorder


firearms dealers' responsibilities

private sale loophole, link to gun show loophole

supply chain paths: direct sale; straw purchase; traffickng

regulation and interstate supply flow

Iron Pipeline

yearly gun thefts

Survey of Inmates in State and Federal Correctional Facilities

informal gun brokers


American gun culture: hunting shooting ethos; militia/frontier ethos; insurrectionist ideology

culture: symbols, stories, rituals, worldviews

violence solves problems theme

1792 Unifrom Militia Act

"Black Codes"

1911 New York handgun licensing law

Black Panther Party

two-tiered system in state legislatures and courts

current liberalized posture