Doing Justice

GenEd 0853



The MOVE 2 1985 Incident: Researching Newspapers, Integrating Black's Model

This assignment has multiple goals which include

1) getting experience doing “serious” newspaper research using the Paley Library database front end;

2) applying Black’s theoretical model about how justice agencies behaved before and during the MOVE 2 incident in 1985;

3) integrating the Black material with the newspaper material; and d) developing a personal opinion on what happened.

IMPORTANT NOTE. On dd/mm/yy in class at our regular time we are going to view 1 hour of live coverage (5 – 6 pm on the day of the MOVE incident). Staff working at the Temple Urban Archives will be bringing VHS tapes to class for our viewing, and talking about the resources at the Urban Archive.

You really want to be in class to see this material.

If you miss this you can view WCAU NBC-10 coverage of the event online, but there are sometimes glitches with viewing these videos. Go to: 


Formatting Guidelines– Points for proper formatting: • 12-point font, 1 inch margins • Double Spaced • 3 page limit including all references • Submit in Word Document OR PDF document • Use each of the numbered content guidelines appearing below as run-in headings.1 • 5 points

Content Guidelines – Your paper is to address the following content areas 1. Synopsis. • Using the two new newspaper articles, and one of the MOVE readings for the week of 10/22, and the video if you wish, and citing each one where appropriate, give a short synopsis of events that are key to your Black analysis from right before, and during the incident. DO NOT try to summarize the entire event sequence. Rather just describe the points that are key given the Black dimension you are going to use. • About 1/3 – ½ a page. • 10 points 2. How does Black explain the actions of law enforcement? • What would Black say about how law enforcement handled the situation just before and during the MOVE 2 incident? • Focus here on just one of the key Black dimensions as described above. • Include and define at least one key term from Black’s theory. • About ½ - ¾ page.

• 40 points 3. Is Black’s model limited? • Answer this question: Does Black’s theory adequately explain the dynamics before and during MOVE 2 between the organization and law enforcement? Again, your focus will be on one Black dimension. • Take a clear “yes” or “no” position, and support it with evidence, not opinion. • About ½ - ¾ page • 20 points 4. Personal Conclusion – this is opinion about what happened during the MOVE 2 incident. We are looking for reflection here. • Up to about half a page • Summarize your position, and include some thoughtful statements on the MOVE incident and the responses taken by law enforcement. • 10 points 5. References include at least: • two new newspaper articles (NYT, Inquirer) • one MOVE 2 reading from week of 10/22, • Black book, • more as appropriate (e.g., Class shown Video. If you use this reference this as: Philadelphia NBC - 10 (WCAU) News, May 13, 1985. Temple University Urban Archives.) • Referencing guide has been posted to Blackboard site under documents, under research skill guides. • 10 points 6. TUID at top of each page, no name • 5 points

Submission Guidelines • Submit via TurnItIn by midnight October 31, 2007 • Late submissions will not be accepted! • Papers should only be submitted in WORD or PDF format; if you submit in another format do not expect to get credit for formatting points.

PLEASE REMEMBER THE FOLLOWING: • Do NOT use the Digital Dropbox. • Do not send copies via email. • You do NOT need to turn in a hard copy. • Print your confirmation page and keep this! • Don’t email me asking if I have received it on time, the system takes a while to update. • Your submission is final – you cannot correct anything and resubmit.