Citations to Faculty Publications

    We scanned the Social Science Citation Index, in its online version available through the Web of Science, to see how often faculty publications had been cited in the literature.[1]

    Looking first at the most recent seven year window, 1997 through 2003, inclusive, we found a total of 770 citations for 14 faculty members, for an average of 55 citations per faculty member during this period.[2]  Expanding the search window to eleven years, inclusive (1993-2003) produces a total of 944 citations, and an average of 64 per faculty member.[3] Finally, expanding the window to all citations available, representing a "proxy" for career citations, generated a total of 3,174 citations, or an average of 227 per faculty member.[4]


[1] Criminal justice, as an emerging discipline, includes many important publications whose citations are not counted in the Social Science Citation Index. The totals shown here did not also search by coauthor. To do the latter will result in a higher citation count. 

[2] This total is after correcting for self citations during the same period.

[3] This total also corrects for self citations during the period.

[4] For the entire period, because detailed results per article were not available, it was not possible to fully control for self citations in these totals. Given that more mature faculty (e.g., faculty at full professor rank) have had more publications available for more years which others can cite, comparisons across departments on this total, which fail to control for compositional differences by rank, may be misleading.