Departmental Standing

     In 1995 the National Research Council published its latest review and ranking of Doctoral-granting graduate programs in 41 disciplines. (Go to: Unfortunately, criminal justice was not one of the disciplines ranked. The NRC is planning on including criminal justice in its next cycle of reviews, and discussions have been underway between the NRC and the Consortium of Doctoral Programs in Criminal Justice and Criminology, led by Todd Clear of John Jay College-CUNY. So at the current time there are no universally agreed upon rankings of criminal justice programs.
     Periodically, however, criminal justice scholars rank criminal justice programs based on the productivity of their affiliated faculty. The most recent examination ranks Temple's criminal justice program third in the country.[1]
     Sorensen and Pilgrim (2001) looked at faculty publishing in the eight top criminology and criminal justice journals for the period 1995 through 1999.[2]  They then generated a weighted number of articles per program based on number of authors and institutional affiliations of authors. Twenty-four institutions had seven or more articles appearing in these leading journals.
     Temple's ranking places it above some of the programs considered leaders in the field including Albany, Rutgers, Michigan State, Florida State, Carnegie Mellon and Penn State.
     A roughly comparable examination for the period 1983-1992 ranked Temple eighth. The table below, adapted from Table 3 in Sorensen and Pilgrim (2001), shows the top ten ranked institutions for both examinations.

Productivity Ranking


   1983-1992 1995-1999
1 University of Maryland University of Cincinnati
2 SUNY-Albany University of Maryland
3 Rutgers Temple University
4 University of Florida SUNY-Albany
5 Indiana University Sam Houston State
6 Penn State University of Central Florida
7 Michigan State University of Missouri-St. Louis
8 Temple University Washington State
9 University of Colorado University of Nebraska-Omaha
10 University of Cincinnati Penn State



[1] Sorensen, J., and Pilgrim, R. (2001). The Institutional affiliations of authors in leading criminology and criminal justice journals. Journal of Criminal Justice 30, 11-18.
[2] The eight journals are: Crime and Delinquency, Criminal Justice and Behavior, Criminology, Journal of Criminal Justice, Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, Journal of Quantitative Criminology, Justice Quarterly, and Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency.