Externally Funded Work

     The linked tables (see below) list external funding in two categories. The first list shows all externally funded grants and contracts where full-time faculty served as principal investigators, if those grants or contracts were active on or after January 1, 2000. 
     Active grants, contracts and fellowships to full-time faculty totaled over $8.7 million dollars for this period, or an average of $585,291 in funding for each filled tenure-track line in the department. The twenty seven awards ranged in size from $5,000 to over $1,115,000. Funders included national agencies, state and local agencies, and private foundation sources.
     During the same period, under the leadership of Jon Clark, the Temple University Criminal Justice Training Programs had nine different awards, ranging in size from $107,000 to $860,000, and totaling $3.6 million dollars. This program creates standards and writes curricula for occupations within law enforcement, trains law enforcement personnel within the state of Pennsylvania, and trains trainers who do this, using state of the art technologies.[1]
     These two sources of external work combined make over $12,418,000 in external funding during the period, for an average of close to a million dollars -- $825,291 --  in external funding per filled Presidential faculty line in the department.
     The specific grants, contracts and fellowships in each category can be seen by clicking below. (Each list is in Adobe Acrobat format and thus requires Adobe Acrobat Reader v. 3.0 or higher.)

  Research and Evaluation 

    Criminal Justice Training Programs

[1] The Temple University Criminal Justice Training Programs website can be found at http://www.temple.edu/cjtp