Externally Funded Work

    Externally funded research projects initiated by faculty on or after July 1, 2002 included 22 different projects totaling over 6.2 million.[1]  This represents a 63% increase in external funding for research, compared to an earlier, overlapping 18 month rolling window (7/1/01-1/1/03). The number of projects also grew slightly.

   Research projects ranged in size from $15,000 to $890,000. Typical (median) award amount was $148,581, down slightly from the median award in the previous reporting period of $196,000.

   Focusing just on these research projects, the total represents an average of a little over a third of a million dollars ($418,805) for each of the fifteen Presidential faculty lines filled during the period.[2]  This per capita funding amount is up markedly from the amount for 7/1/01 - 1/1/03 ($274,817 per faculty member).[2] 

    Particularly exciting is that such a substantial fraction of Presidential faculty were funded. During this latest period, 60% of Presidential faculty (9/15)  were externally funded on projects of at least $100,000 or more.

    Faculty's new work continued to range over a wide array of topics such as  evaluation of drug treatment for offenders, matching juvenile delinquents to appropriate programs, community prosecution,  analyzing locations of violence in prisons, and understanding drug use trends among arrestees, for example. Funders included national, state, and local agencies.

    Looking at the same time period, five training or technical assistance projects totaling $2,131,610 were initiated by the Criminal Justice Training Programs, under the leadership of Jon Clark. This program creates standards and writes curricula for occupations within law enforcement, trains law enforcement personnel within the state of Pennsylvania, and trains trainers using state of the art technologies. Two noteworthy new initiatives in this program including hosting of the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency's annual Crime Prevention conference last December in Valley Forge, and providing anti-terrorism training to security personnel at the state capital in Harrisburg.

   Total new research and training projects from  27 different projects totaled $8,413,686.   Twenty two of these 27 projects (81%) and  75% of the funding dollars were  for externally funded research.  The share of external funding dollars and projects devoted to research has remained steady at about 3/4 for the last two reporting periods.

The link below takes you to a list of externally funded  projects starting after 7/1/02 .

Externally funded faculty projects


[1] These totals exclude a project "Mental illness and substance use disorders: Behavioral treatments" on which faculty member George Rengert is a co-investigator. This project is run through the medical school. It also excludes an internal competitive award to Ralph Taylor from the Office of the Vice President for Research, Dr. Kenneth Soprano.
[2] We count in the total of 15 Dr. Nikos Passas, who left his Temple position at the start of the Fall 2003 semester; we also include Dr. Jerry Ratcliffe, who began his tenure track appointment at the beginning of the Fall 2003 semester.