Externally Funded Work

    Externally funded work research projects initiated by faculty on or after July 1, 2001 included sixteen different projects totaling $3,847,447. [1]  Projects ranged in size from $36,000 to $891,000. Typical (median) award amount was $148,581. Focusing just on these research projects, the total represents an average of a little over a quarter million dollars ($274,817) for each of the fourteen Presidential faculty lines filled during the period. [2]  During this period, 64% of Presidential faculty (9/14)  were externally funded on projects of at least $100,000 or more.

    Faculty's new work ranged over a wide array of topics such as  evaluation of drug treatment for offenders, matching juvenile delinquents to appropriate programs, community prosecution,  and potential racial under-representation on juries. Funders included national, state, and local agencies.

    Looking at the same time period, four projects totaling $1,190,403 were initiated by the Criminal Justice Training Programs, under the leadership of Jon Clark. This program creates standards and writes curricula for occupations within law enforcement, trains law enforcement personnel within the state of Pennsylvania , and trains trainers using state of the art technologies.

Total research and training projects amounted to 20 different projects totaling $5,037,850.   Sixteen of these 20 projects (80%), and $3,847,447 or 76% of the funding, was for externally funded research.

The link below takes you to a list of research projects starting after 7/1/01 .

Externally funded faculty projects


[1] These totals exclude a project "Mental illness and substance use disorders: Behavioral treatments" on which faculty member George Rengert is a co-investigator. This project is run through the medical school.
[2] During this period Jim Fyfe was on leave; although Jerry Ratcliffe was here as a faculty member he was on a Dean's Appointment line during the period.