Criminological Theories Independent Study

Grading Framework for 4+1 Students Spring 2016

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DATE OF LAST UPDATE: April 8, 2016

We are evolving the course requirements as we go, based on the discussions we have each week. So check back.

Percent of your grade Item
15% Participating in weekly discussions, every week
35% Turning in 4 weekly writings with "passing" grade - your policy paper using SAT counts as a double
35% Final project
15% Short final exam or some other vehicle that demonstrates knowledge with theories not covered in your final project (to be discussed)


You get full credit each week if you:
>> come with something written about the reading for that class. Preferably you have written out answers to at least a couple of the important questions for the week's reading; and
>> you participate fully in the class meeting that day (offer thoughts, answer (most of the time, see pass policy) when asked something directly

The writing you do every week serves two purposes: first, it gives you something to say. Second, it documents your engagement with some portions of the material.

If you turn in your writing each week I will give you feedback before the next class about whether the questions as turned in demonstrate sufficient evidence of engagement. If the item does not, I will provide specific guidance on how it could be sufficient.

As of 4/8/2016
The earlier project outline, posted 1/22/2016, was updated on 4/8/2016. A revised project outline, including learning goals, was distributed in class, along with a draft grading rubric. We discussed this in class. A revised final project description, and grading rubric, can be found

DUE DATE: On or before MAY 2, 9:30 AM, VIA SAFE ASSIGN UPLOAD, IN WORD DOC OR PDF FORM. LATE SUBMISSIONS LOSE A GRADE (as in A to A-) for each day late unless there is something serious and excusable going on in which case you will a) notify instructor immediately via email or phone (610 446 4822) and b) be able to provide substantiating written documentation.


Instead of completing a final exam you will each prepare three crossword puzzles, each crossword puzzle being based on a separate book, and each crossword puzzle including at least 20 items.

The items in your crossword puzzle could be of the following varieties (am open to expanding this list, please let me know):

I will be randomly assigning to each of you the three books for which you are each responsible. There will be no trading among yourselves so you can swap to working on a book that you're more excited about.

For all three books, turn in the completed crossword puzzle page and the answer key for each puzzle on or before the due date. TO BE DISCUSSED.

There are several free crossword puzzle engines out there. One that I have seen that looks pretty straightforward and workable is this one:

you may find another one that works as well or better.

For each puzzle I need a saved worksheet and a saved answer key.