Introduction to:


Singer, Simon I. (2014). America's Safest City: Delinquency and Modernity in Suburbia. New York: New York University Press.



Simon Singer, a Professor of Criminal Justice at Northeastern University, has been a well respected scholar in both delinquency and juvenile justice for many decades.

This book "won the American Society of Criminology’s 2015 Michael J. Hindelang Book Award for the most valuable contribution to research in criminology."

Maybe is most eye-catching article title is:

Heavy Metal Music Preference, Delinquent Friends, Social Control, and Delinquency. Simon I. Singer, Murray Levine, and Susyan Jou. 1993. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency 30:317-329



This book seeks to understand the many different place-based, class-linked factors that lead to places having low delinquency rates, and individuals having low probabilities of being adjudicated delinquent.

And it does this in the context of "modernity."

At it's simplest it is about middle class and upper class delinquents.

At it's more profound, it offers us a way to re-think bonds and delinquency in a more modern context, thereby providing a strong impetus of services and programs.