CJ 8106/406  Criminological Theories

Fall 2016

Theory Checklist

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In previous iterations of this course, students have sometimes complained about the "forest for the trees" problem, and have sought more emphasis on "key ideas." This checklist is a response to that concern.

This lists the key items that you want/need to understand for every theory that is examined in this course. The items have to do with the meta-theoretical structure of the theory in question. If you want to learn more about metatheory and metatheorizing, I can fill you in.

Many of the issues considered here are the fundamental ones for theorizing in ANY area of social science, not just criminological theory.

The checklist presents a series of things for you to think about and reflect upon after you have read the relevant work. For some theories and readings the checklist will be easier to complete than for others. If you do not have a clear idea about an item on the checklist, then be sure to ask. You want to fill this out before you come to class. If you want to fill it out while working/discussing with one or more other students, that's fine.

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CLICK HERE for checklist in pdf fill-in forms form (formatted by Chelsey Donohoe - thanks!)